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Based in Bedford, NH, TravelBrains is an award-winning publisher of self-guided audio tours and guidebooks to historic and cultural destinations. Founded in 1999 out of a passion for combining travel and learning, our motto is “travel adventures that leave you smarter”. Our mission is to help you obtain a more meaningful travel experience through a deeper understanding of the history, science, and culture of your travel destination.

To achieve our goal, we created an entirely new category of travel guidebook. We call it an Expedition Guide. Each Expedition Guide includes three components: a computer CD-ROM, an illustrated guidebook, and a self-guided audio tour (CD). The three components are designed to complement each other and provide a comprehensive tour experience that starts at home and ends at the destination.

It starts with the computer CD-ROM. Install it on your computer and you watch movies that explain the history, science, and culture of the destination. It provides the essential overview to help orient you to your destination. Then take the guidebook and audio tour with you when you travel. Place the audio CD in your car stereo or download the mobile version to your smartphone (iPhone and Android) and listen to your tour guide as he or she explains the stories behind the scenery. The illustrated guidebook complements the audio tour with historic photography, maps, and trivia that provide deeper insights about that location.

TravelBrains’ Guides
  • Yellowstone Expedition Guide
  • Acadia Field Guide
  • Napa Valley Tour Guide
  • Gettysburg Field Guide
  • Antietam Field Guide
  • Second Manassas Field Guide
  • Fredericksburg Field Guide
  • Vicksburg Field Guide
  • Chickamauga Field Guide
  • In the Footsteps of an Assassin: A guided tour of the Lincoln assassination and escape route of John Wilkes Booth

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